Elsbeth und Finn


Hotel Gletschergarten Grindelwald

The history of the Gletschergarten starts in 1899 when Johann and Margaritha Brunner-Brunner came from Habkern to Grindelwald together with their 9 children. It was the flourishing tourism that made them go on this adventure never thinking of the fact that it would be continued for more than a century. Johann and Margaritha built a little house behind the church and throughout the years, to three more daughters was given birth so that the big family consisted out of 11 daughters and one son.

Despite not having electric light nor flowing water in the house, a little restaurant and pension began to grew. At first there was just a small café with six mugs inventory. The very few guest beds were rented out for 1.50 CHF per night. It was more than just a modest start.

In 1906 the family purchased the patent of hosting, the hotel was steadily enlarged and the furniture was home made. For example the nightstands consisted of beautifully decorated food crates! In order to communicate better with the world a telephone access was established. The guests could reach the Gletschergarten dialing number 11.

After WWI, in the early twenties the first extension was built on the north side of the hotel and 1936 the dining room was added on the west side. The extensions continued in 1958 to all rooms were added bathtubs and showers and additional rooms were formed which eventually were accessed by a lift in 1965.

The Hotel has always been family run. The second generation, the youngest daughter Hulda and her husband the artist Daniel Füllemann (whose oil paintings can be admired in the whole hotel even today) took over the business in 1941. The second generation had three children, Sonja, Elsbeth and Peter who already early got to know the business helping their parents whenever they could.

It was when a danish skier came to the Gletschergarten named Finn Breitenstein who broke his leg during a training that the third generation of the hotel had met. Elsbeth and Finn were married and took over the business in 1980 after long-standing colaboration with Hulda as Daniel had passed away in 1965 already.

In Summer 1982 a big renovation and extension period took place so that the Gletschergarten became the typically swiss chalet style hotel like it is today. Every spring and autumn Elsbeth dedicated themselves to improve the traditional house with various amenities.

Elsbeth and Finn have three children. Their oldest daughter Gabriela started the same carreer and in 2000 her husband Gerhard Michel joined the family business.

Since 2012 Gabriela and Gerhard Michel-Breitenstein continue to run the hotel traditionally, together with their sons Matthias, Lars and Nils.



  • The first generation: Johann and Margaritha Brunner-Brunner
  • The second generation: Huldi and Daniel Füllemann-Brunner
  • The third generation: Elsbeth and Finn Breitenstein-Füllemann
  • The fourth generation: Gabriela and Gerhard Michel-Breitenstein
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